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2021 Hobel Cabernet Sauvignon The Figure

The Wine

Figure: The distinctive pattern that results from various grain orientation and by annual growth rings, rays, knots or deviations from natural grain.

Again hailing from Block 1B in the Pozzan Vineyard, this wine is true to form in 2021. Sadly, the yields were miniscule, and we bottled just over 50 cases, 50% less production than in 2019.  Opening a bottle just one day after bottling, the wine showed explosive aromas of cinnamon and nutmeg followed by plum and dried strawberry. The palate is lush and dense with immense fruit.  After a couple days, the nose has added notes of cocoa powder, sandalwood and pine resin. The palate still oozes fruit with hints of chocolate, brown sugar and oak. And after some time in the bottle, this wine is so easy to drink!

The Vintage

Like many of the best Napa Valley vintages, 2021 was marked by high quality and low yields. Throughout the early growing season and into late Spring the entire Valley received almost no precipitation, continuing another year of drought conditions. The vines responded appropriately, setting a small crop load. The silver lining here is that the quality of the fruit on the vines was outstanding, and we had a long harvest window with no inclement weather forcing our hand on when to pick. This resulted in wines which possess great color, depth, power, and complexity.

Even with the drought conditions, the Pozzan vineyard fared very well. It’s East-facing orientation allows this site to avoid the late-afternoon sun. Additionally, it gets some of the first cooling breezes coming over the Santa Rosa gap every day, originating from the coast. We picked this property overnight on September 14th and delivered the fruit to the winery at first light.

The Notes (From Winemaker Thomas Rivers Brown)

This wine is remarkably approachable for the vintage. Once again, it is also the most complete wine at release of all three bottlings.  It features a mix of fruit colors and a firm acid backbone that gives the wine its initial aromatic pop and its length. We are hoping for a long future with this A+ Calistoga site.

  • Neck
  • Blend
    100% Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Vineyard
    Pozzan Vineyard
  • Appellation
    Napa Valley
  • Production
    51 cases
2021 Hobel Cabernet Sauvignon The Figure  - Hobel Wines